The Pettag+™ connected device is the most sophisticated, yet playful hardware for your pet on the market. Pettag+™ and the mobile app that connects to it, brings your dog to life in ways you never thought. It was designed with fun, fitness, responsibility, ease of use and affordability in mind. And that is just the beginning. Check out what our fans are saying on our Facebook page.

Our early-adopters, can snag the first interactive connected pet tag at the lowest price, while supporting the team as we go into production by submitting your email.

We are offering a very limited quantity of initial Pettag+ devices. As an early member of our community you will receive special products, promotions and discounts as we grow.

Please submit your email in support, and you will receive important information on raising a happier, healthier pet with Pettag+ and the ability to purchase Nov, 20th 2014 on our new site.

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